Meet Gary Sinclair and Mat Whitson

After a personal experience in breast cancer for collegues Gary and Mat, the two blokes recognised the importance of partners being aware of what THEY need to look for. 

Tradies Support the Ladies raises awareness by wearing PINK SHIRTS ON FRIDAYS. The pink shirts act as a reminder to our men to be aware of the symptoms of breast cancer, and to our women to be always vigiliant on self-checks and breast exams.

Mat and Gary hope this awareness will help with early detection of breast cancer and even save lives.

Why not get involved?

Grab a pink shirt from your local Monogram IT today!

What we do

We wear pink shirts

Join the Pink Shirt army by purchasing a shirt from Monogram It and wearing it every Friday to bring awareness to early detection of breast cancer.

We provide awareness

Follow Tradies Support the Ladies on Facebook for weekly reminders to check yourself and your partner for breast cancer symptoms.

We meet locally

Find a community in men (and women) who have experienced breast cancer in a loved one, and join us for our regular get togethers at The Southgate Inn.

We care

Tradies Support the Ladies care about the families touched by breast cancer and want you to know you’re not alone.

Join the Pink Army today and support early detection of breast cancer